Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. ติดต่อซัพพลายเออร์

ประเภทของธุรกิจ: ผู้ผลิต, บริษัททำการค้า
สินค้า/บริการ: ถังน้ำมันเชื้อเพลิง, ถังก๊าซหุงต้ม, รถบรรทุกน้ำ, รถบรรทุกตู้เย็น, รถบรรทุกสินค้า
สถานที่: Hubei, China (Mainland)
ปีที่ก่อตั้ง: 2004
ปีที่เริ่มการส่งออก: 2004
จำนวนพนักงาน: Above 1000 คน
รายได้รวม (ปีที่แล้ว): Above US$100 Million
ตลาดหลัก: อเมริกาใต้,เอเชียตะวันออก,ตะวันออกกลาง,โอเชียเนีย,เอเชียอาคเนย์
ใบรับรอง: ISO14001,ISO9001,OHSAS18001,ISO9001
เวลาที่ใช้โดยเฉลี่ย: 15 วันม

Our company is a big manufacturer appointed by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, producing all kinds of special trucks. We are famous for special trucks for virescence, environment cleanness, oil, chemical industry and pressure vessel. We have our registered trademark "CHENGLIWEI" and products code: CLW. Our company cooperates with famous chassis manufacturers, such as DONGFENG, FAW, FOTON, JMC, JAC, ISUZU and NAVECO, etc. Our main business includes producing special trucks and selling chassis, and truck spare parts. Our company has independent export potency, and has a number of clients overseas. Our leading productions include more than 300 types of trucks, such as water truck, fecal suction truck, sewage suction truck, garbage truck, road sweeper, fuel tank truck, high-altitude operation truck, truck with crane, dump truck, trainer truck, semi-trailer, fire fighting truck, van truck, prime mover, chemical liquid truck, bulk cement truck, concrete mixer truck, wrecker truck, LPG tank, etc. Our company has solid technology, flawless inspection, advanced equipment, reliant quality and flexible modes operation. What's more, we have roundly passed the certification of ISO9001-2008, the 3C (China Compulsory Certification) and other certifications that export needed. Chengli trucks has always taken the top place in Chinese market in recent these ten years. Chengli have procured remarkable achievements domestic and overseas, especially since our boss have invested in building new big modern industry zone in south suburb development area of Suizhou city. This area is named after Chengli Automobile Industry Park. Chengli Company has become a big star in truck trade field in the middle of China. Our quality and credit standing are the guarantees of our success. We will do our best to treat customers honestly, marketing flexibly, guarantee high quality and reasonable price, and concentrate on high efficiency. We promise that all the products sold by us can get "three guarantees" for one year and enjoy maintenance and free technology service for life. After service problems can be dealt within 48 hours. Our company is located in Suizhou, the native place of Shenlong, the hometown of Bianzhong and the City of special truck. We are 186 kilometers away from Wuhan and 330 kilometers away from the Three Gorges, and the traffic is very convenient. Cheng Aluo, who is the general manager of our company, warmly welcomes new and old friends to visit our company. Moreover, we can delivery trucks to you based on a valid fax or after receiving advanced payment. If you buy our trucks, we can help you to finish all the official procedure. We are willing to serve you and we are looking forward to your visit. We can provide the best service for you. Welcome to visit Chengli.



ความสามารถทางการค้า อเมริกาใต้ : 40.00% เอเชียตะวันออก : 15.00% ดูเพิ่มเติม
ความสามารถในการผลิต ขนาดโรงงาน : Above 100,000 ตารางเมตร จำนวนของสายการผลิต : Above 10 ดูเพิ่มเติม
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Ms. Jing Huang
Ms. Jing Huang