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US$2,500.00 - US$3,000.00 / ตั้ง | 1 ตั้ง / ชุด (Min. Order)
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Auto car
10000 Set/Sets per Year
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Shipped in 5 days after payment

Main function 1. Measurement of each cylinder delivery at any speed 2. Test point and interval angle of oil supply of injection pump. 3. Checking and adjust the mechanical governor. 4. Checking and adjusting the distributor pump. 5. Experiment and adjusting of behavior of supercharging and compensatory     device. 6. Measurement of oil return of distributing pump 7. Testing of the electromagnetic valve of distributor pump.(12V/24V) 8. Measurement of the internal pressure of distributor pump. 9. Checking of the advance angle of advance device. 10. Checking the sealing of injection pump body 11.Install tube of auto-sucking oil supply can check on oil supply    pump(including VE pump. 

12. Checking the travel of stroke (on request) USD150.00

13. Advance angle checking.

l Characteristics

   1. Changing frequency changing rotational speed

2. Low fall of rotational speed and high output torque

3. High measurement precision;

4. The functions of over voltage, overload and short circuit protection;

5. Ten classes Rotation speeds presetting;

6. Constant temperature controlled;

7. Ultra low noise;

8. Operating position: arbitrary side of the two work sides of the test stand;

9. Rotation speed, count, temperature, air pressure, advance angle are measured and controlled by computers in real time, digital controller;       

11. Automatically generating and displaying speed characteristics curve; ( tooth bar stroke function on request)

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Main products include:  1. Diesel engine parts (nozzle. plunger. delivery valve. head Rotor. injector. fuel pump and other accessories) 

2.Injection pump test bench

3.auto tools

4 Auto parts

5. special vehicles

6 . Turbocharger.......      Production process using advanced computer control and digital display systems, production technology. strong technical force High quality, high technical performance, with micro-controller and digital functions. Products are sold  more than 100 countries and regions of all world .



We are the leading manufacturer in Diesel Injection Pump Test Bench and Turbo charger in CHINA, already sold more than 100 Countries, include EUI/EUP tester with Cam box, EDC VP37 tester, VP44 teser,RED4 EDC, HEUI tester, DENSO ECD-V3,V4,V5 pump tester,PT Cummins Pumps and Injectors tester, Common Rail injectors and Common Rail Pump tester( CRDI) and Turbo Charger, Spare parts(plunger, nozzle, head rotor, injector...) also different model tools for pump and injector repair.


Manager: Jun gang hou

Mobile: +86-15864752393

QQ: 87982354

Skype:  taianchina@ hotmail.com

WhatsApp/WeChat/Viber: +86-15864752393

E-mail:  commonrail@ qq.com


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