Charms จี้สำหรับเครื่องประดับทำ,ใบ 7x20 มม.,ขายต่อกระเป๋า 100 ชิ้นภายใน

FOB อ้างอิงราคา:รับราคาล่าสุด
US$2.00 - US$3.00 / กระเป๋า | 1 กระเป๋า / กระเป๋า (Min. Order)
สนับสนุน บริการขนส่งทางทะเล
จำนวน( กระเป๋า) 1 - 200 >200
ระยะเวลาโดยประมาณ (วัน) 3 ต่อรองได้
จี้หรือ Charms
จี้หรือ Charms ประเภท:
7x20 มม.
DIY เครื่องประดับทำ
2 มม.
1 กระเป๋า
100000 Bag/Bags per Month
1.ใส่ถุง OPP
2.Wrap โดยถุงฟอง
3 แพ็คในกล่องกล่อง
ระยะเวลาดําเนินการ: :
จำนวน(Bags) 1 - 200 >200
ระยะเวลาโดยประมาณ (วัน) 3 รอต่อรอง
Product Description
Product Name
Charms pendant for jewelry making, leaf 7x20mm, sold per bag 100pcs inside
Pendant Size
Hole Size
DIY Jewelry Making 
1 Bag
To protect the jewelry from scratch and break during shipment,we pack your goods as following:
1. Put into an opp bag
2. Wrap by the bubble bag
3. Pack into the carton box.


Prompt Shipment:

Expressed by: DHL, FedEx, UPS, EMS and Epacket.

To Europe,North America or Australia markets, it usually takes 3--7 days by DHL, UPS or FedEx;
By EMS, it will take about 6--9 days;
By Epacket, it will take around 15--20 days. The postage is cheaper and suitable for goods less than 2 kgs.

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1. How to buy your beads?

you can see price list and buy our gemstone beads on our Alibaba shop.

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2. Why will you buy from us?
To buy from us, you will benefit because of the following reasons:

1). Safe business. We are a gold member with more than 5 years' experience on that is to say, to do business with us, your money is safe, goods' quality is warranted ,service is guaranteed. You don't need to worry about any detail.

2). Reasonable price. The factory price is always lower than that from a trader.
When you compare our price with other suppliers', you will find out our price is much more competitive.
We offer different price according to different quantities, all prices are reasonable.

3). Quality assurance. We are a company which focuses on quality and looks for long term business. Our factory has a well-operated quality checking system to assure that the goods you get are good quality. Even if your goods are already in our warehouse, they still need to pass the last quality checking process, before they are released and sent out. We set very strict quality checking line, because we know clearly that The quality of the goods is all that matters.

4). Cheap shipping cost. We provide different shipping methods for different customers. If you add items to cart, you can also see different shipping cost to your place for your choice.
If you are a wholesaler, need to buy big quantity and time is not very urgent, then we can ship to you by sea. We provide free shipment for goods of more than 200kgs and ship by sea. When your goods are urgent, you can choose DHL, UPS, or FedEx and so on.
If you are a retailer in local, you just need to buy small quantity, DHL, UPS, or FedEx will help you. If your time is not urgent, we still have some other cheaper shipping ways for your choice, like China post registered air parcel, Epack, etc.
If you are a jewelry designer and need to buy very small quantity, our small parcel express shipping ways fit you. For example, 10strands of 10mm beads to Germany only cost you about 8-9USD in shipment.

5). Fast delivery. we have most items in stock. so we will send out your order within 1-2 days for a small order. Even if it is a big order, we usually need about 2-3 days to prepare it.

6). Perfect service.After you confirm your order on our shop and finish payment, we will begin to prepare your goods immediately.
Once we send out your order, we will send you the tracking number and follow your parcel until it reaches your hands.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the goods, we will launch our quality returning-checking system and feedback to you with result.

3. Do you have any MOQ?
Yes. We are a wholesaler with  MOQ of 5 strands.

4. How do you ship the goods and how long does it take to arrive?
For ordinary order, we usually ship by DHL, UPS, or FedEx. It usually takes 3-7days to arrive reach your hands.
For very big orders, we can also ship by se. If you need to place a big order and ship by sea, you need to contact us to arrange details.

5. Is there any duty for the importation?
Different countries has  different duty policies. For example, USA is free of duty for less than 800USD importation, and Europe is 22EUR. So you need to check details before your importation. Usually you can inquire to local DHL, UPS or Fedex, they should be aware of all this importation details.

6. Do you provide free samples?
If you only need small quantity, it is better that you directly buy on our shop on
If you want to buy big quantity, we can provide samples. But you need to pay sample cost and shipping cost at first. Then we will cut down your cost from your big order payment.

7. Do you provide extra discounts for big quantity orders?
Yes, why not? If you want to place an order more than 3000USD and you want an extra discount, feel free to contact us.

8. Do you have more items which are not listed on your shop on
We have more than 20000 items, including fine jewelry, beads, findings, pendants, thread and cords for jewelry making. It is really impossible for us to list all our items on you can browse our website to see more products there. If you are searching for something that you can't find, feel free to send email to us.

9. Do you declare full value to our custom on goods shipping invoice?
Usually we declare only 30-50% of your payment on the shipping invoice going together with your parcels, this is just to cut down your duty cost. But if your custom is really demanding and you need to declare full value to your custom, please specially notify to us on your order announcements. We suggest customers from Western Europe countries like Italy, Switzerland declare full value to your customs.

10. What's the returning policy?
We will check all the jewelry carefully before shipping, to make sure all the products are good quality.
We always try our best to supply products with good quality and good service to make customers satisfied, so we can get good reputation from customers. But sometimes the situation is out of our control. So once you are not satisfied, feel free to tell us what the problem is, we will improve it. Once there are some items you are not satisfied, just return them to us. Our return policy is as follows:

1). Defective Products or products damaged during shipment.
You should check all items after you get the packages. Once there are defective products or products damaged during shipment, you need to take pictures to let us know the situation. Then we will check and confirm the problem as soon as possible. Then we will try to replace them for you and send to you on our cost, or refund them to you. But if you insist in returning them to us, you need to return within 7 days after the packages arrive.

2). Non-defective Products.
You can also return non-defective products for replacement, even if just because that the product is not fit for the application. But you need to issue to us within 5 days after packages arrival. In this situation, you should be responsible for all shipping costs and all taxes.
Before returning products, you need to contact us at first to confirm the problem. Then we will arrange everything for you.

11.Our contact
Our working time: 9:00-18:00 (Beijing time) from Monday to Saturday.
Tel: +86-20-8635-6335
Mobile: +86-15622276450
Trademanager: cn1522863237ejde
Our address: Room 777, Jiahehui Plaza, Huaying Road, Jiahewanggang, Guangzhou, China.

Our Company

We have two factories in Hainan province, south China, one of which mainly produces jewelry beads, the other mainly produces jewelry accessories.

Before 2012, we mainly produce for other exporters in Guangzhou. In the year of 2012 we established our Guangzhou Sunny Import And Export Co., Ltd and built our own website.Since then we began to export. we are a gold member on alibaba, with USD32,000 trade assurance. That is to say, doing business with us, your money is 100% safe.We sincerely hope and believe that everything will be smooth in our cooperation.

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