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Henan, China
Great Wall machinery
Liner castings
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หลังจาก-ขายบริการ Provided:
ถังป้องกันของ direct hit จากบดขนาดกลางและวัสดุ
บดผลแข็งแรงซับ board ดีสวมใส่ความต้านทาน
สูงสวมใส่และ impact resistance
Liner castings
Mill liners
1000 Ton/Tons per Month liner castings
อุตสาหกรรมบรรจุภัณฑ์: พลาสติก + กล่อง + พาเลทไม้
any port in China
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foundry liner castings price


Product Description

Introduce of liner castings:

liner castings is to protect the cylinder of a direct hit from grinding medium and material and friction,

also can use a different form of lining board to adjust the grinding body motion, to increase grinding

medium for material crushing effect, helps to improve the efficiency of the grinding mill, increase

production, reduce consumption of metal.Ball mill lining board domestic gradually replaced by alloy

steel plate in the high manganese steel, but as of steel plate in the continuous application of ball mill

liner, has gradually replaced the manganese steel and other lining board to become the mainstream

market development.

liner castings in addition to protect the body, also have an impact on the movement

of grinding medium, in order to adapt to different working condition (grinding and fine grinding), the shape

of the lining material is also different. When it is smash, We have strong request that the lining surface

grinding body ability is stronger,at the same time the lining should have good impact resistance, When is

given priority to fine grinding, lining board is relatively small, the recommended grinding body function is

weak, the impact is small, and the grinding effect is stronger, lining board has good wear resistance.

The feature of liner castings:

1)High wear resistance and impact resistance:

Double medium quenching of steel plate by the scientific and rational alloying element formula, make the

liner has good physical and chemical properties, hardness HRC45 - more than 55, impact toughness values more than 25 j, service life is 2 times bigger than the high manganese steel. Able to withstand the huge impact.At work can keep the lining board surface shape for a long time, in order to guarantee the stability of mill increase more than 5% of the production.

2)High strength and high toughness:

In liner quenching process, uses the special double medium with good thermal stability of quenching

medium as medium, make the product high strength, high hardness and high toughness to cooperate, in

order to meet the technological requirements of the wear resistance.

3)High cost performance, strong adaptive performance:

The advanced double medium quenching process, it has the characteristics of quenching high hardness and high toughness values, make the lining board has good wear resistance, Compared to high manganese steel lining board, alloy double medium in the quenching of steel ball mill lining board shows excellent performance.

Able to adapt to the mine wet and dry grinding, mixing mill, etc.

The process of liner castings:

The size of the liner castings board size to consider handling, loading and unloading and in and out of the ground when the door is convenient wait for a factor.In recent years, the ball mill lining board size is unified, width is 314 mm, the whole piece of plate 500 mm long, half a piece of lining board is 250 mm,the thickness of 40 ~ 50 mm, quality about 45 to 55 kg.





1.Q: Are you professional? Do you have ever engaged in the implementation of the overseas mining projects?

A:Yes, we have professional mineral separation team in this industry. Our engineers who perennial activities

in South-east Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and so on, they are expert at the Gold ore, Iron ore,

Manganese ore, Tantalum & Niobium, Tungsten and other extraction production.


2.Q:Now we plan to make the production line separation and purification of this mineral. How to deal with it?

What type of equipment we need to use?

A:According to mineral information and mining conditions from customers, our engineer design the best mineral processing line and the appropriate equipment to meet the specific needs of customers.


3.Q:If we give this order to your company, what kind of service you can offer?

A:First of all, if needed, our engineers will go to your mining site for field investigation to make the best

designing scheme. After the equipment arrived, we will send engineers to stationed in mine site to conduct the construction of the project, the installation and debugging and the staff training and ensuring the production

are always working normally.


4.Q: The technology you designed need water? How much water it will need? What will do if there is a water shortage in our mine site?

A:For this kind mineral, we have dry and wet two different mineral separations. Our engineers will choice the

best craft and equipments by the actual conditions that ensure the production line working normal in lack water

or less water condition.


5.Q: What promises do you have about the quality of the equipment?

A: Warranty Time: one year. Meanwhile, we will provide a list of consumable parts, and can priority to provide

you with adequate vulnerable parts.

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